To succeed in communicating your message through design intelligence, it starts with a simple equation:

Your company needs to Brand + Strategize + Communicate in order to build Loyalty + Premium.

(Here’s a handy worksheet to help » )

Combined with our people-centric solutions, this formula drives the core of design intelligence. It’s not about pretty pictures. It’s about strategic results. Piece meal marketing projects are useless in this increasingly noisy world. You need to connect, and you need to do it smart. That is what design intelligence is all about.

Design intelligence works through the consistent cumulative efforts of the branding, strategy, and communication methods. Taken together, you build the effectiveness of the whole greater than any single part. The results elevate your company or organization above commodity status, especially when combined with strategies that target deeper connections and solving higher level needs of your target audience.

It isn’t enough to do a graphic design project or two, say you are the best, and expect people to come clammoring in. It takes design intelligence, and knowing what you want out of it. We developed this handy introduction as a way for you to see how it works, and to get you thinking about how you can apply it to your own business.

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