Using a People Centric Approach to Connect and Grow Your Following

Using a People Centric Approach to Connect and Grow Your Following

Does your business or practice revolve around itself, or your clients and supporters?

The client isn’t always right. Nor do they even know what they want.

But the client should be the center of your universe.

People-Centric design means you are strategizing around them – their needs, their pains, their fundamental desires. And more importantly, it’s focused on connecting to them in an authentic manner.

People have wised up to the marketing tricks and interruptive tactics of traditional marketing and advertising.

Half the time, they completely block it out. They either ignore it automatically or by literally blocking the ad from being seen. They also see through token actions that aren’t sincere and aren’t valuable to them.

We know when we are being marketed to. But if we get something meaningful from the experience, we don’t care.

You need to understand the people you who are your prospects and clients. What are their pains and frustrations? What are the needs and desires that just aren’t being addressed? Leverage even one good one and you will stand out and get them banging on your door.

So how do you do it?

Design Intelligence Keys to Success

People are fickle.

So how you do grab them and create a relationship they value?

One that keeps them coming back and paying a premium for what you offer?

This simple formula is how to do it.

And I’ve included a cheatsheet to the entire formula to go through each step.

Branding Basics – The 3 Critical Questions to Discover Your Brand

There are three critical questions that define your brand, and help you stand out.

Branding starts with the most basic elements of who you are and how you help people.

The more sure of who exactly you are, the stronger your branding will be, the more successful your marketing and client retention will be.

To know exactly who you are and why you matter, you need to define it. Sharpen it to the specific characteristics that really matter and give you a unique identity worth remembering, and worth following.

This means, “I am a doctor, I help people stay healthy, and my target client is anyone still breathing,” will not cut it.

But I’ll show you how to get to the core of your brand, and I’ve included a worksheet you can download to take you step by step through it.