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From Founder Josh Parkinson

I have been building websites and doing web marketing since 1998.

And I’ve seen the digital landscape change dramatically.

What used to be “build it and they will come” no longer applies. And at the same time, I have seen so many new technologies and opportunities appear as I’ve helped health and vitality businesses reach out and harness the digital world.

We build more than websites and digital marketing strategies for health and vitality businesses. We help you Resonate and impact hundreds, thousands, even millions.

Make your big damn dent in the world.

And grow your revenue and profit as a result.

If you’re tired of a dead web presence sucking your time yet still lanquishing in obscurity…. Or if you’re too overwhelmed by the digital marketing options or technology or the time involved to move forward in the right direction…

Then connect with me.

Let me know your aspirations, your motivations, who you want to reach and how you want to impact them.

We’ll help develop a plan, do the research, and even implement everything for you…. or we can guide and amplify your work.

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“I really appreciate collaborating with you on this stuff [sales pages and sales email series]. You help me express a lot that I wouldn’t have thought to include!”

- Dr Liz Carter

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