Lifestyle Medicine Based Weight Loss and Health Programs Online

A completely online business including multiple coaches where Heather herself has moved primarily in the CEO and thought leader role. Offering online programs for weight loss and health improvement.


Included in this Project:




Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design


Online Courses & Programs






High Ticket Funnels


Content Marketing

We’re essentially their entire marketing department and business consultant. We came in before the business even started and helped build their entire online business, marketing, website, funnels, content marketing, brand messaging, and more… from scratch.

Growing to $97,000 revenue months.

Their core program we custom built as a 12 week program with daily steps with SMS messaging, short podcasts, resources, etc. all delivered digitally each day and managed in ActiveCampaign and with the help of ActiveMember360. Including a custom built client portal with all of it release as they go each day through the program.

They’ve meanshile been continuing to evolve, offer new programs, and evolve how they serve both high ticket and low ticket clients to make their greatest impact with their innovate approach.

We’ve developed their marketing funnels, extensive automations and pipelines, detailed ways of managing their many clients, crafted marketing webinars both live and evergreen, full sales page messaging and design, ongoing content support an creation, and so much more.

The result has been a growing business, making a greater impact every day, with hundreds of hight-ticket coaching clients as well as tens of thousands of followers within the last few years since Wholist was first born.

Including getting to $97,000 months in revenue.

And helping them manage it all with a very small team by creating automations, processes, systems, tracking, and more.

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