NW Restorative Medicine

Naturopathic Clinic Specializing in Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Carley Squires pivoted from general naturopathy to opening a new brand and clinic specialized around regenerative medicine. She needed a brand, a website, effective messaging and new client attraction.

Included in this Project:

New Branding
Email Marketing
Email Automation
PDF Design
Practice Management Tech
Local SEO
Since Dr. Squires was pivoting away from generalist Naturopathic services to a more specialized focus, she had decided to make a clear break from her previous brand and start a new one and a new clinic.

First was developing a good name reflective of her specialized focus on regenerative medicine. Then was developing her overall branding and brand style, messaging, and an entire plan for her content optimized for both user-friendliness for new visitors… and for SEO.

We also helped her develop a Tribe Attractor, a free PDF she offers on her website to capture prospective clients into a conversation. This helps secure more people from leaving the website never to come back while they explore options.

We launched with an effective brand and lead generation mechanism, one that has been very well recieved by new clients and is attracting searches for key Regenerative Medicine services.

Email Newsletter Template

Service Page

Tribe Attractor PDF

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