Naturopathic Cancer Treatment

Naturopathic Cancer Specialist through Telehealth

Operating entirely online, Suzzanne McMurry provides naturopathic oncology independent of her location in Seattle, WA. With such a focused area of practice, she has developed a leading presence, boosted by our work with her website and ongoing SEO work.

Included in this Project:




Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dr. McMurry needed to revamp and professionalize her self-built website and online presence, and boost search rankings.

We started with her foundation – her website and email list/marketing automation.

We provided her with a modern, profesional design and clear website flow and content strategy.

We also optimized her website for search engine optimization (SEO) to give her the right foundation, and then worked with her on an ongoing bases to drive up her rankings for her specialty to keep her practice full of clients.

We also developed with her a unique PDF Tribe Attractor, beautifully designed and integrated into her website to attract prospective clients and build a relationship with them through automated email followup and her ongoing newsletter.

The results has been a full practice and high rankings for her particular specialty. Not to mention a beautiful and effective website and automated email marketing strategy in ActiveCampaign.

Tribe Attrator PDF

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