Integrative Brain Healing Institute

Natural Clinic with Local and Telehealth Programs

Founded by Steve Liu, L.Ac., BSEE, the Integrative Brain Healing Institute specializes in innovative, integrative treatments for chronic brain conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzhiemers. They needed everything from logo and website to E-commerce and on-demand online workshops.

Included in this Project:


Logo Design and Branding Style




Email Automation


Online Purchases


On Demand Digital Workshop

Steve Liu came to us to set up the new Integrative Brain Healing Institute to spread the innovative, integrative programs he had been developing to help chronic brain conditions, particularly Parkinson’s.

We started with developing his logo and branding, and then a full mobile-responsive website.

As part of the program are some equipment and other materials that required an online shop for them to continue self-treatment at home.

We also set up an on-demand digital workshop with the recording of his live, in-person talks. This acts as a low cost introduction to the complete multi-disciplinary approach Parkinson’s.

The workshop then includes automated email follow-up to encourage them to schedule a consult.

The website was structured to help give all interested people as much as they need to feel comfortable getting started. Including the approach, the science behind it, the experiences of other patients, how to travel to the clinic for the length of their initial multi-week program, and more.

Now the program is being developed into an at home treatment package to purchased and initiated online to both get the needed equipment and to start the telehealth sessions and program education to fully impliment it in their lives.

Sales Page

Treatment Page

Online Shop

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