Integrative Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Loss and Weight Management, and Book Launch

Sandra Christensen’s local clinic website redesign and revised content strategy. Developed a newly designed PDF Tribe Attractor (lead magnet). Plus, the addition of her book launch with a dedicated sales/launch page for her newly published book.

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Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design


Book Launch

After having the same website for several years, it had begun to become outdated. We fully revitalized the design and the content strategy of her website.

She also had the new event of launching a book. So she needed her website to have a new area for her book launch, including a fully developed sales page and book launch foundation.

In the process of revitalizing her website, we also created a newly written and newly designed Tribe Attractor (lead magnet) to attract email newsletter signups.

In the process of this project, we went through the process of collecting new testimonials with targeted interview questions so we could take the answers and craft ideal testimonials for each client.

This resulting in some brand new high quality testimonials with specificity and compelling results.

The result of the whole project was a success with a much more modern site, clearing out old stuff that was no longer relevant, and adding in new content that really served her current business goals and her book launch for health practitioners in her field.

Meanwhile, the site itself even serves her passion for working within her industry to increase awareness of obesity medicine and the shaming prevalent in healthcare around obesity.

We did this by creating an entire section of the website dedicated to healthcare practitioners wanting to learn more.

With her revitalized site in place, Sandra gets more clients than she can handle and tons of positive comments on the design and ease of navigation of her website.

For Clinicians

PDF Design

Book Sales Page

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