Dr Liz Carter

Health Influencer and Online Health Courses

Already an established doctor, Dr. Liz Carter wanted to establish a personal brand so she could develop an online audience and passive revenue through courses.

Included in this Project:




Audience Building


Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design


Online Courses

“Thank you for your patience and all of your help. Everything looks amazing! I am so happy to be working with you!

You help me express a lot that I wouldn’t have thought to include!”

“I was really appreciative that you help me walk this balance of having integrity in my marketing but also still telling people this could actually really help them. As I think that’s a very difficult line to walk.”

Dr. Liz Carter

We helped Dr. Liz establish an entirely new personal brand for herself, grow an audience, and develop online courses.

That includes developing the course platforms, the sales pages, the checkout process, the automated email sequences, and more.

We even developed a full 5 Elements Personality Test that analyzes their responses and identifies their top two elements from Chinese Medicine. This then gives them a customized course specifically targeted to their unique element combination.

We also helped her create a bunch of free resources that she uses in her clinic with her patients every day, making it a powerful repository of education she needs for her clients every day. Now, all she has to do is point to the beautifully designed PDF’s, guides, and resources filling her site. Not to mention utilizing the 5 Elements Personality Test for both her patients and customers of her courses and programs.

5 Elements Personality Test

Tribe Attractor Landing Page

Tribe Attractor PDF

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