Dr Heather Pendell

Regenerative Medicine Naturopathic Doctor

Wanting to go out and specialize in Regenerative Medicine with her own brand independent of where she may be practicing, she developed a new platform for herself to establish her own leads and create an online presence that would follow her no matter what clinic she may be practicing at.

Featured in The Best Healthcare Website Designs by DesignRush

Included in this Project:




Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design

We built a platform for her to establish her own presence and not be at the mercy of whatever clinic she was practicing at at the time. As well as allowing her to have her own clinic and generate her own clients.

We worked with her to also develop a unique and beautifully designed PDF to use as her Tribe Attractor. A free offer on her website to get people to sign up for her email list and get some follow-up communication to move them into scheduling an appointment.

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Email Newsletter

Tribe Attractor PDF

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