Dr Csilla Veress

Naturopathic Clinic and Online Programs

Dr. Csilla Veress came to us to establish herself not just as a doctor, but as an online health business, soon to be launching online courses, coaching programs, and more location-independent and scalable services. So she needed to be able to provide a helpful place for existing clients, build an email list and following, and have the infrastructure to launch online courses and programs.

Included in this Project:




Audience Building


Email Marketing


Email Automation


PDF Design


Online Course

“I love it! It’s exactly what I needed.”

Dr. Csilla Veress

We launched with a platform built for developing her brand into an online business, including a recipe directory, affiliate shop, and upcoming courses (with a growing waitlist). She is also now working on a book!

Sleep Quiz Landing Page

Email Marketing Template

Digital Course Sales Page

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