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BravopPB was a new venture by an established vegan chef at True North Health Center, Chef Ramses Bravo. Wanting an online revenue source, we’ve helped him launch courses, coaching sessions, merch, affiliate revenue, a recipe database, and more. We then helped him sell his course to thousands of people through Facebook Ads funnels month after month.

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“The results have been incredible. Thank you so much, Josh!”

Ramses Bravo

Coming to us with nothing but an idea and his first plant-based cooking course in the works, we helped Chef Ramses Bravo establish a platform that has now reached thousands of clients, over 6,661 as of publishing this.

That’s a lot of impact!

We established a user-friendly website designed to build his audience, incorporate his courses, sell merchandise, have affiliate links and recommendations, as well as have a recipe database of many of his recipes to wet people’s apetite.

And we helped him establish a Tribe Attractor funnel, offering a free starter kit to get website visitors onto his email list. Then an automated followup to get those subscribers into his courses.

And once it was all launched, we created Facebook ad funnels to sell his courses consistently month after month. Now having generated over $186k in sales since we started.

Since then, we’ve continued supporting him with launching new courses, adding to his website including merch shop and affiliate links, and in continuing to sell his courses through ad funnels, and much more.

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