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I’m Focused on…

Growing an Online
Health-Focused Business

Growing and diversifying by offering online services, courses, group programs and more.

That’s Me

I’m Focused on…

Growing a Local Clinic
or Practice

Attracting clients and better serving them with a digital presence I’m proud of and I can manage.

That’s Me

Looking for Both?

Choose the path that most fits your needs right now, or check out both paths. Either way, we can help you both locally and in building an online business.

Helping You Grow and Diversify Your Revenue, while Scaling Your IMPACT

Dr Liz Carter

Dr Liz Carter and New Leaf Natural Medicine

“Thank you for your patience and all of your help. Everything looks amazing! I am so happy to be working with you!

You help me express a lot that I wouldn’t have thought to include!”

“I was really appreciative that you help me walk this balance of having integrity in my marketing but also still telling people this could actually really help them. As I think that’s a very difficult line to walk.”

Angela Ross

Lifespan Naturopathic

“I just wanted to tell you how I just had 2 new patients yesterday that came from the website. They said they found me through a search and they both said how much they liked my website and that it was why they made appointments.

The response to my new website has been quite positive! People think it looks professional, that it’s easy to navigate, and that “it has the perfect amount of information.”

Chef Ramses Bravo


“Thank you for all the help. I’ve been very pleased with all the work you’ve done for me. So thank you so much for being patient with me. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t know because I’m not that tech savvy. It’s been a very enjoyable working relationship and I’m very happy with the results!”

Sold $29,360 in courses within 4 months of launching his new Digital Platform and course.

Joseph Losi and Hold Me Tight Seattle

Therapist and Facilitates Workshops for Couples and for Men

“Josh, once again, really nice work!! Showed the page to my partner, Denise, who works for Pyramid Communications, she said, ‘I will be sneding him work!’”

“Queue the waitlist, we’ve sold out again!”

Has consistently sold out Hold Me Tight Seattle workshops year after year.


Sandra Christensen

Integrative Medical Weight Management

“I’ve been working with Josh for almost a year. During that time, I have launched a new website, an e-newsletter, and an e-book. Now I am developing a workshop for medical professionals and am working on a book.

With expertise and patience, Josh has guided me every step of the way. His creative genius has transformed my dreams into reality.”

Michelle Proulx

The Capable Child

“Josh is an absolute pleasure to work with and did an outstanding job in getting my website up and running quickly. He is attuned to client needs and has an understanding of how websites for therapists and counselors may need to be structured differently than those of other businesses.”

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