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Web design and online marketing for clinics and health professionals, as well as coaches, trainers, therapists.

What are you looking for from your website?

An Impressive Web Design that I can Manage

We provide exceptional, custom web design to reflect you and your needs. Each is designed with a strategic eye for ease of use, getting clients, and search engine optimization. And every site is built so you can easily edit it once it’s launched.

To Grow My Clinic or Practice to 6 or 7 Figures

You need a site built to not only look good, but convert visitors to patients and clients while being optimized for search engines. We then provide an online strategy that works for your business to attract new prospects, retain existing clients, and increase referrals.

To Build My Authority and Be Seen as the Expert in my Field

We specialize in building authority for our clients. It starts with the design, continues through the right content, and then spreads through an online strategy we call Web Leadership.

Revenue from eBooks, Courses, Workshops and More

Utilize proven systems to turn your authority into low-touch revenue online or in person. We help you unlock yourself from the billable hour with eBooks, courses, workshops, even physical products, even if you don’t already have one to offer.


Increase in Web Traffic over 6 Months

Lifespan Naturopathic‘s new web design and optimization.


Increase in Subscribers in 6 Months

Integrative Medical Weight Management’s redesign and ebook lead magnet.


Increase in Website Traffic in One Year

Natural Medicine of Seattle‘s new brand, messaging, and website redesign.

Is Your Web Design + Strategy Leaving Opportunities on the Table?

Many in healthcare, medical, and therapy are doing just that when they could be achieving so much more. It just takes the right expertise to help them along the way.

Does your website and online strategy:

  • Inspire absolute confidence
  • Build your authority and leadership in your field, opening more and more opportunities
  • Convert visitors to patients and clients, and loop back for stragglers
  • Consistently grow your traffic and followers

Are you are feeling like you’ve hit a plateau you just can’t seem to break through? We provide insight and expertise to grow online, have happier clients, and encourage more referrals.


We create beautiful web design that gives the instant impression and converts visitors into new patients and clients. We help you with the technology, with marketing strategy, with messaging, with patient retention and encouraging referrals.

Your website is built around your needs, and developed so you or your staff can manage and edit your website yourself (if you wish). Your online strategy is built around your goals whether it be growth, followers, or serving your clients better.

And in the process, we uncover things you never realized, come up with ideas you never thought of, and teach you what you need to know.

“I just wanted to tell you how I just had 2 new patients yesterday that came from the website. They said they found me through a search and they both said how much they liked my website and that it was why they made appointments.

The response to my new website has been quite positive! People think it looks professional, that it’s easy to navigate, and that “it has the perfect amount of information.”

Dr Angela Ross

Naturopathic Doctor, Lifespan Naturopathic

Do you ever feel at everybody’s mercy but your own? Insurance companies and clients dictate your pricing, terms, and suck up too much of your time. The billable hour limits your revenue potential. Managing your website seems impossible. And Google just won’t give you a break and give you some traffic. You don’t need to be at anyone’s mercy. You can grow your authority and your business. It takes a shift. You can…


  • Take back your time.
  • Expand your opportunities.
  • Build more revenue.
  • Grow your followers and engage them.
  • Pick the clients you want.
  • Launch a product, ebook, or course.
  • Even free up your time and take more vacations.

Building your authority online, establishing a strong web presence and a following – these will give you the opportunities to take control of your destiny and your business’s destiny. But even some simple strategies and a smart design can transform your results for your business, and put you on the path to growth right away.

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