Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design and blog design


Cynthia Benge Therapy mobile responsive web design.

Cynthia Benge has been a therapist for 20 years. With all her experience, she was looking to take things to the next level with workshops, online courses, and growing following.

We started with the website, redesigning and re-messaging the site. The flower is a short video that opens from bud to full flower when the visitor lands on the page, adding a bit of panache. We also made sure it was mobile responsive so it could be viewed easily on mobile phones. The design simply restructures to better fit the smaller screen so she doesn’t have a separate mobile site to manage.

The site was built on WordPress, and with several custom elements like a place to add and edit events, making it very user friendly for her or her assistants to manage. The whole site was SEO optimized, and her blog got a badly needed facelift to make it easier to read and to guide viewers to sign up for her newsletter, among other features.

We integrated a clear newsletter signup with a “Lead Magnet” to attract more signups. The Lead Magnet is something you offer in exchange for signing up. In this case, it is the Healthy Relationship Self Assessment which she developed. I took what she sent me in Word and made a highly professional and visually attractive PDF eBook from it to give to new subscribers.

Next steps are to start promotion and growing her following, increasing demand and prices of her workshops, and develop those online courses to sell.

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