Authored by Josh Parkinson

Redmond medical clinic and acupuncture website design


Increase in Website Traffic in Four Months

Dynamic Natural Medicine Clinic Website

The Client: Dynamic Natural Medicine provides naturopathic medical care and acupuncture to families and children of all ages, including pregnancy. Based in Redmond, WA and Shoreline, WA.

The Project: Dr. Jenn Read’s existing website for Dynamic Natural Medicine no longer served the scale and professionalism she needed in her website. The existing design had some significant usability issues, and was ready to be upgraded.

We went to the core of the unique, differentiating direction of her clinic and honed in on the feel that reflected her clinic and her approach.

We determined she needed a user-friendly website that balanced between professionalism and a light and fun feel. The website was designed to reflect her expertise and her readiness to get on the floor and meet a kid at their own level.

And of course, it had to be mobile friendly and have the ability to update their own website easily without technical experience.

The Results:

Rose quickly to page #1 on Google for “Redmond Naturopath,” and at position #12 and rising for “Redmond Acupuncture.”

Her patients love the feel of her new website and find it far easier to navigate and understand the unique expertise she provides around family medicine. And she is now managing her new website herself on an ongoing basis easily.

“Based on this first draft, I am super excited to see the product, and I am confidant I picked the right person for the job. You do an excellent job of dragging out information from me, and translating what I say into something that is clear.

Thank you!”

- Dr. Jenn Read

Dynamic Natural Medicine

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Vashon Island Naturopathic clinic website design and SEO strategy

Fern Cove Natural Medicine Website

The Client: Fern Cove Natural Medicine has a unique focus around gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions, and needed a website to give the right look and feel while communicated exactly what they do.

The Project: We designed and developed a unique website with a welcoming, earthy feel to those with these frustrating and distressing conditions. Many have lived with it for years and had not had significant improvements.

We communicated her unique approach that takes into account a much more integrated view of their condition, their life, and the potential root problems many general doctors don’t dig into. And we presented her human, personable approach that makes her care stand out.

For additional lead generation, we integrated a “lead magnet” to attract email signups. They get a PDF download for signing up that gives some of her best tips for resolving digestive distress.

The website was designed to be user-friendly, informative, and to more clearly communicate her value. All the while, we are optimizing the website content, structure, and technical details for SEO (improving search engine visibility).

The Results: We launched the perfect website to communicate exactly what she does, to attract potential clients onto her email list, and to have the right look and feel just for her.

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Chiropractor web design with mobile friendly layout

Evolve Chiropractic Studio Web Design

The Client: Dr. Justin Goslin came to us needing a website to his newly moved Evolve Chiropractic Studio clinic now in Queen Anne, Seattle, WA from his previous location in California.

The Project: While he had a well-established Facebook page, It was time to develop a robust and educational website. It was time for a home no the web that showed off his expertise, looked great, and gave his patients the information they needed when they need – whether on a desktop or a phone.

We developed a unique and eye-catching website that he could manage himself.

It included an information center around chiropractic terms and knowledge, and a overall structure that highlighted his most important services. It quickly guides people to the services that most help them. The copy communicates the unique, science and measurement based approach that ensures results and differentiates him from others in his industry.

The Results:
Ranking on Google rose to #5 of the natural results for “Queen Anne Chiropractor” so far. He now has a website to send people to that people are loving the design of, and that finally shows off his expertise and powerful differentiation from his competitors.

Authored by Josh Parkinson

 Web design for Seattle health clinic including mobile ready


Increase in Website Traffic in Three Months

New Leaf Clinic Website Redesign

The Client: A West Seattle naturopath, Dr Liz Carter needed a fresh, new website to show off her expertise and the true value of her clinic to new and existing patients. She was ready for a stellar new design, customized to her needs, and helping her search rankings.

The Project: We complete revamped the clinic’s website from the ground up, identifying key weaknesses in the old site and capitalizing on her powerful strengths. All the while, creating a natural, elegant, and fresh design with stronger copy to communicate her value.

She also desperately needed a website that was mobile to be properly viewed on smartphones.

We kept the design bright and airy, welcoming and professionally designed. We focused the copy on communicating exactly what was unique and valuable about her approach and services. And we strategized it all to get visitors exactly where they need to go, and guide them to scheduling an appointment or becoming a subscriber (to later become a new or repeat patient).

Blogging and content marketing help drive her outreach and SEO (better search engine rankings) efforts to get more attention and reach new audiences. We designed a blog to build her audience and get them to sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter then builds the relationship and trust for new patients and to bring back existing patients more often.

UPDATE: Now the blog also guides people to subscriber to her new venture involving online courses and products for passive income that grows independent of her time to see patients.

The Results:

Quickly rose to #5 on Google for “West Seattle Naturopath,” and featured in the local maps listing as #3. Also on page #1 for “West Seattle Acupuncture.”

Her patients come to her with raving reviews of her new site. And she has dove in to managing her website and publishing blog posts regularly – all with ease.

“Thank you for your patience and all of your help. Everything looks amazing! I am so happy to be working with you!”

- Dr. Liz Carter

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Physical therapy mobile ready website for Mobilize PT in Seattle


Increase in Website Traffic in Three Months

Mobilize Physical Therapy Clinic Website Redesign

The Client: A physical therapy clinic in Seattle, Mobilize Physical Therapy has been growing and expanding into their own space, and needed a website that reflected and promoted their continued growth.

The Project: Their existing website was OK, but was rigid and limited based on DIY theme, and not as user friendly as they needed. It also was not search engine optimized at all.

They needed a revamped website that was customized to their needs, very easy to navigate and to get what they do, and optimized for search engines. They wanted a new design that reflected their growth and that would help them keep growing. And the limitations of the old theme needed to be eliminated.

We built their new website with a fresh, custom design that had the more earthy and trusted feel they wanted.

The overall strategy of the site was revamped from the ground up to be better for their website visitors and clients, while also improving their search engine visibility, their SEO. We included testimonials throughout to boost the trust factor. We included call to actions on every page to give that extra nudge that gets more people to make an appointment. And we integrated a blog design that also guided readers to become new physical therapy patients.

The Results:
Top and prime listing for “Laurelhurst Physical Therapy” in Seattle with it’s own feature in the sidebar of the Google search results page. Rising for “Seattle Physical Therapy.”

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