Authored by Josh Parkinson

Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design and blog design


Cynthia Benge Therapy mobile responsive web design.

Cynthia Benge has been a therapist for 20 years. With all her experience, she was looking to take things to the next level with workshops, online courses, and growing following.

We started with the website, redesigning and re-messaging the site. The flower is a short video that opens from bud to full flower when the visitor lands on the page, adding a bit of panache. We also made sure it was mobile responsive so it could be viewed easily on mobile phones. The design simply restructures to better fit the smaller screen so she doesn’t have a separate mobile site to manage.

The site was built on WordPress, and with several custom elements like a place to add and edit events, making it very user friendly for her or her assistants to manage. The whole site was SEO optimized, and her blog got a badly needed facelift to make it easier to read and to guide viewers to sign up for her newsletter, among other features.

We integrated a clear newsletter signup with a “Lead Magnet” to attract more signups. The Lead Magnet is something you offer in exchange for signing up. In this case, it is the Healthy Relationship Self Assessment which she developed. I took what she sent me in Word and made a highly professional and visually attractive PDF eBook from it to give to new subscribers.

Next steps are to start promotion and growing her following, increasing demand and prices of her workshops, and develop those online courses to sell.

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design and blog design


Increase in Website Traffic in One Year

Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design, as well as new branding (including logo, brand style, and messaging), blog design and online strategy.

Natural Medicine of Seattle came to us with the need for a full rebrand. They were Vital Family Medicine. As a result, they needed new logo, brand style, website, even business cards and brochures.

We started with the rebrand, and then moved into the website, creating an authoritative website with high impact, user friendliness, and highly informational. We started a newsletter in the process, updated all their local listings, set up social media, and integrated everything with the website. The website was also outfitted with a blog.

We strategized the site to guide new visitors towards becoming new patients. We encouraged signups to the newsletter as well. And the entire website was search engine optimized to give the best chance for high search rankings. It was also integrated with a patient portal for patients to fill out forms and get their information.

Their traffic has doubled within the first year, even without a lot of linkbuilding and other ongoing SEO practices to get the website higher in the search rankings.

We’ve had incredible response from the design, the user friendliness, and the newsletter articles we’ve published. The announcement of a new doctor joining the clinic included a story that lead him to become the doctor he is. The response was an outpouring of support and how much they loved the newsletter.

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Clinic web design and online strategy for Integrative Medical Weight Management


Increase in Subscribers in 6 Months

Integrative Medical Weight Management РWeight management specialist with a drive to help, Sandra Christensen is a leader in her field with aspirations to have a widespread impact. Sandra aspires to share her knowledge with not just patients but health professionals and therapists. We are helping her realize her leadership, build her authority, and spread her impact.

“And let me say, “WOW!” You really did an amazing job with creating and using the graphics.

I’m crazy about adding Feel Good to the name. It’s so me. It was a brilliant idea on your part. It’s fun to see how we worked together to create something that looks so beautiful and yet so practical.

Thanks for all you did to enhance my article. You are teaching me much about how to present my work and knowledge and about how to get more mileage from what I’ve written.”

Sandra Christensen

Medical Weight Loss Specialist, Integrative Medical Weight Management

Her website had languished in relative obscurity, even despite her speaking engagements, authorship, and outreach. She had no email list, no social media following, and her blog was going nowhere.

We began through a desire to refresh her website. We designed it to reflect her and her message. The messaging was rewritten for the most part, emphasizing key elements to persuade and help people understand all the value she brings to the table.

We restructured the site to be user friendly and clear, while building a blog that made her articles have a much greater impact. We employed key tactics throughout the site to lead visitors to becoming new patients and new followers.

For her outreach, we also created a special page just for promoting herself to places she wishes to speak at and write for. In fact, her ultimate goal is to publish a book! More on that in a moment.

All this, and we were just starting. That was her website, then came the ongoing work of building her following, increasing her authority across the health and mental health fields, increasing her local patients, and promoting her workshops.

Spreading Her Reach

We created a newsletter list to start collecting emails and communicating directly with her following. We worked together to build a strategy around her blog, newsletter, and social media. Consulting and training guided her as she continued to improve her blog and writing. And design was employed to create visuals that made a real impact to accompany her articles. We even created downloadable worksheets, ebooks, and impressive infographics.

The result was an pouring in of expressive comments about how much her followers loved her work, the worksheets, and graphics that visualized what she was trying to teach.


As a result of our work, her website traffic and email list has more than doubled. She had to hire a new assistant to help her as her clients have filled her time, and she has had to start a wait-list for new patients. Her posts were now being shared even when she had only 5 followers on Facebook! And she is beginning new ventures teaching professionals in the the therapy and medical fields her expertise in weight management and addressing shame.

We’ve also been putting together an increasingly impressive patient binder that she gives new clients, and her book is forming. By the time she is ready to start pitching, she will have a following she can bring to publishers to improve her chances for a book deal, and to have more leverage when she does.

Authored by Josh Parkinson

Acupuncture clinic web design with mobile website

Dr. Derek Kirkham – Mobile responsive website for an acupuncture clinic and East Asian medicine. Web design, SEO optimization, messaging consulting, and strategic use of website structure and calls to action. Also provided consulting to help with continued SEO optimization and blogging tips as he starts to blog.

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