Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design and blog design


Increase in Website Traffic in One Year

Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design, as well as new branding (including logo, brand style, and messaging), blog design and online strategy.

Natural Medicine of Seattle came to us with the need for a full rebrand. They were Vital Family Medicine. As a result, they needed new logo, brand style, website, even business cards and brochures.

We started with the rebrand, and then moved into the website, creating an authoritative website with high impact, user friendliness, and highly informational. We started a newsletter in the process, updated all their local listings, set up social media, and integrated everything with the website. The website was also outfitted with a blog.

We strategized the site to guide new visitors towards becoming new patients. We encouraged signups to the newsletter as well. And the entire website was search engine optimized to give the best chance for high search rankings. It was also integrated with a patient portal for patients to fill out forms and get their information.

Their traffic has doubled within the first year, even without a lot of linkbuilding and other ongoing SEO practices to get the website higher in the search rankings.

We’ve had incredible response from the design, the user friendliness, and the newsletter articles we’ve published. The announcement of a new doctor joining the clinic included a story that lead him to become the doctor he is. The response was an outpouring of support and how much they loved the newsletter.

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