Vashon Island Naturopathic clinic website design and SEO strategy

Fern Cove Natural Medicine Website

The Client: Fern Cove Natural Medicine has a unique focus around gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions, and needed a website to give the right look and feel while communicated exactly what they do.

The Project: We designed and developed a unique website with a welcoming, earthy feel to those with these frustrating and distressing conditions. Many have lived with it for years and had not had significant improvements.

We communicated her unique approach that takes into account a much more integrated view of their condition, their life, and the potential root problems many general doctors don’t dig into. And we presented her human, personable approach that makes her care stand out.

For additional lead generation, we integrated a “lead magnet” to attract email signups. They get a PDF download for signing up that gives some of her best tips for resolving digestive distress.

The website was designed to be user-friendly, informative, and to more clearly communicate her value. All the while, we are optimizing the website content, structure, and technical details for SEO (improving search engine visibility).

The Results: We launched the perfect website to communicate exactly what she does, to attract potential clients onto her email list, and to have the right look and feel just for her.

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